About us

Örestad LS is a union working towards an anti-hierarchal and anti-authoritarian society.

Örestad Lokala Samorganisation is an anarcho-syndicalist union working towards libertarian socialism or anarchism. We are internationalists fighting for a classless society. Believing that structural differences create injustice and that nationalism is restricting and disastrous both for the individual and the society. Örestad LS are a member-run union and do not have a union leader; all personnel on the committee are democratically selected by the members and can be dismissed. The members decide in all questions that concern them or the union as long as they aren’t racist, sexist, undemocratic or in other ways go against our declaration of principles.


Örestad LS organize all workers that accept our statutes regardless of their occupation. Employers are legally bound to negotiate with us in all questions that regard our members rights. We rarely approve of collective agreement which means that we have a legal right to go on strike if necessary.

As a union member you are considered a responsible person and will be given the tools to make changes concerning your work situation. Are there three or more union members at a workplace they can start a “sektion” (section). If desired this “sektion” can get legal status as a small independent union within Örestad LS. Workers (individuals and sektioner) from different workplaces sharing the same occupation can gather in a “syndikat” (syndicate). Within the ”syndikat” it is possible to coordinate our struggles.


We have no employed staff but there are always people in our union that will help you. Örestad LS have members with over 30 years of experience of syndicalist union work, which means that we do not lack neither knowledge nor self-confidence. We cooperate with other syndicalist unions in a network called ”Fria Syndikalister”

In Sweden most syndicalists join A-kassan SAAK, who gather members regardless of occupation. However Örestad LS don´t have any opinion about which A-kassa our members join, although we do think it´s wise to join one.

The members of Örestad LS do not think that union work alone will be enough to change the society so we are taking part in many social and ideological struggles. LS are positive to members that are trying to take control of their life and start co-ops or do other things that shift power from employers to the employed.

thismachineWe recognize that society and people changes. Therefore Örestad LS is open to new ideas which always will be debated – taken in or rejected. Welcome to join in.

Don´t mourn organize!

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